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Aircon Service and Repair

Thank you for taking an interest in our service and pricing. We are pleased to offer non-contract and contract service.

For our contract service, please call 9101 4933 or 6251 5011 to discuss or fill in the contact us form.

Below are the types of non-contract service we offer:

General Standard Servicing

1 fan coil $40-45
2 fan coil $50-$65
3 fan coil and above Call us for more details

Aircon Chemical Overhaul

9000-12000 BTU Capacity $120
18000-24000 BTU Capacity $150

Aircon Chemical Wash

9000-24000 BTU Capacity  $80-$120

Top Up Gas

Top Up R22 Gas $40 – $70
Top Up R410 Gas $70 – $100

Commercial Aircon Servicing


Scope of service

  • • Commercial aircon troubleshooting
  • • Repairs and parts replacement
  • • Routine maintenances
  • • Duct cleaning service
  • • General servicing and cleaning
  • • Refrigerant gas top up
  • • Chemical washing and more.

We cover the following commercial aircon system:

  1. Commercial Split System Aircon
  2. Ducted Systems
  3. Fan Coil Units (FCUs)


Call us at 9101 4933 or 6251 5011 to discuss or fill out the contact us form.


We offer installation of aircon for commerical and consumer-level. The pricing below is a gauge:

Standard Installation Inverter Aircon HDB

Estimate for Branded – system 2 $2000-$2500
Estimate for Branded -system 3 $2800 – $3300
Estimate for Branded -system 4 $3500 – $4200

Price does not include aircon unit.


Call us now at 9101 4933 or 6251 5011 to fix your aircon or refrigerator problem!

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