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21 Years of Experience in Aircon & Refrigerator Servicing and Repair

Cool City started service and repair aircon and refrigerator in Penang, Malaysia. After staying in Penang for 5 years, we shifted to Singapore and continue our service for 18 years. We do contract work for commercial businesses and also for home owners. With a focus on customer service, we provide warranty after repairs.
At Cool City, we pride ourselves at being professional and efficient. Our technicians are skilled in repairing both aircon and refrigerators. For aircon, we are good in aircon repair, servicing, installation and maintenance. We are trained not only in normal aircon but portable and window casement aircon.  For refrigerators, we can repair both commercial and domestic refrigerators.
Call us now at 9101 4933 to fix your aircon or refrigerator problem today!
*$30 for transport (Waive off after service engaged)
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We service and repair aircon as well as refrigerator.

Our success over the past 21 years can be attributed to our unwavering commitment to prioritizing our customers’ needs above everything else. Our primary objective is to deliver quality service that is convenient for our customers.

Aircon Servicing & Repair

 Aircon Installation

 Aircon Troubleshooting

 Aircon Gas Top-up

 Normal Aircon Cleaning

 Aircon Overhaul

 Aircon Chemical Wash

 Aircon Repair

Refrigerator Servicing & Repair

 Check gas leakage, gas top-up

 Repair or change faulty fan coils

 Clear pipe choke

 Repair or change Capacitor Faulty

 Repair or change faulty compressors

 Repair or change PCB boards

 Change copper filters

 Repair or change Relay Faulty

 Repair or change faulty starters

 Repair or change faulty thermostats

 Repair or change defrosting parts

Call us or Whatsapp now at 9101 4933 or 6251 5011 to fix your aircon or refrigerator problem today!
You can also contact us online with our contact us form here.
*$30 for transport (Waive off after service engaged)

Brands We Service

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Call or Chat us now at +65 9101 4933 to fix your aircon or refrigerator problem!

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