Aircon Service

Aircon Service

Looking for reliable aircon services? Our company provides high-quality installation,
maintenance, and repair services for all types of air conditioning systems.

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What is Aircon Service?

Aircon service comprise of diagnosis, installation, troubleshooting, and optimization performed by specialists that cater to any air conditioning system.

This operation is highly important as air conditioners need to run smoothly with the proper cooling conditions and desired air quality.

An average air conditioning service would involve the performance of tasks like filter cleaning or replacement, identification of the refrigerant level or adding it if necessary, inspection of electric components and tightening them, putting grease on the moving parts and diagnosis of any malfunctioning or problems.

Technicians in this field are doing so to maintain the conditioner to its optimum performance and lifespan as well as to lower down the unit’s energy consumption.

Scheduled maintenance for your aircons ensures longevity of your systems and helps avoid high repair bills in the future caused by the replacement of broken aircons.

What Service Do We Offer

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Commercial Aircon Service

Dont’ leave your office roasting from the heat.
Get proper air conditioning with our commercial aircon service.

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Aircon Troubleshooting

Is the aircon not as cold as you remembered? Then it is time to troubleshoot it.
Let us help you find out what is wrong with your aircon unit

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Aircon Part Replacement

Dont throw away your aircon!
Find parts and replacement to bring it back to like new.

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Aircon Gas

Top Up

Aircon tend to run out of aircon gas over long usages.
If your aircon is starting to lose it’s efficiency. Try replacing your aircon gas.

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Aircon Installation

Whether you’re upgrading an existing unit or installing a new system, we can do it!
Let our professional handle with the installation of your aircon.

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Aircon Chemical Wash / Overhaul

Is the aircon starting to smell?
Maybe it is time to have the aircon cleaned and checked out.
Let our professionals clean your aircon via chemical wash.

Brands We Service

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Call us now at +65 9101 4933 to fix your aircon or refrigerator problem!

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